Friday, January 30, 2009

Uncle Pat

Shout outs to Uncle pat.

Patrick Valentine Kahele.

Febuary 16 1957-April 11 2005.

Ashes spread way out in Kaiona beach park in Waimanalo.

His Favorite beach...

Love you uncle


im going CRAZY for my FUTURE car!

jeep cherokeeeeeeeeeeee.....

a red one..

don't ask me why i want a red one.. at least youll know its me...

can you picture me in it????????????

if you want to help pitch in to buy it,,,,just tell me.................

Makai Lab

Wednesday was our last day of Makai Lab and i was pretty bummed....
That day we had to take the written test which had about5 stations. There was the Conoe station, another station...a water cycle station...another station...and the limu station with uncle lee. I couldnt even concentrate because uncle Lee was too obsessed with his Lego sword and his hitting stick!!(that kelia broke later, thank you kelia) Then we had the swimming asessment. Wasn't that hard but it sure wasn't easy.
It was fun going way out and snorkeling in the water. I remember when i had some issues with my mask AND IT LOOKED LIKE I GOT SUCKED BY AN ENORMOUS SQUID...I would've had the best time if Kualoa had bigger waves. We could've bombed the waves with the boat. It was also fun almost getting chopped to pieces by the motor. I didn't fall backwards off the boat, I fell backwards ON the boat.....GOOD BYE MAKAI HELLO MAUKA :(

celebrity day

O.K Well, today, we had some superstars visit our school.
Harry Potter was here...
Tony Hawk...
A navy guy?...
then Foxy Brown came back from the dead to see HLC...
the the TIME WARNER CABLE guy came and said something about cable and being a celebrity...
a famous cowboy???????? yeah. a famous cowboy......
then uuuuhhhhhh...HIRO...don't ask me who that is.....
mabey there was more.........mabey not

Friday, January 23, 2009


i love reading!
i CANNOT live without books!
give me a book and i'll read it!
make sure its not boring.
n make sure the cover looks cool.
i DO judge a book by its cover...
not too big but not too small.
n i hate books with big words n small letterz.
besides that I LOVE BOOKS.

Living in town

I live in town.
It sucks.
I have to wake up early in the morning.
I'm supposed to wake up around 5.
But i get up at 5:30 and rush to the 5:50 bus at the Y.
Its VERY tiring.
In fact, i'm tired right now as i speak!
I'm practically dreaming.
of how i'm going home n taking a nap.
Then Aunty Helen blows the PU and wakes me up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I hate winter
Every day i wake up and my toes are frostbites.
This is Hawaii!
Theres supposed to be ZERO coldness!
And then out of no where the sun comes.
Still cold!
I just got warmer blankets but it doesn't matter anymore cuz SOON summers coming.
This is what you call Tropical weather